in love?

When your in love ---- your mind, and your body reacts to the thought of the person. You feel a growing sense of being consumed by the number of times the person comes to mind. Smells, people remind you of that person, perhaps what a person says, reminds you of that person, you replay the moments that you've shared with that person over in your mind. All these are key elements--- you could be ---- in love............ If you are brave you can come right out and declare it. 
Of course whether or not it will be reciprocated relies on a lot of things. Is this person ready for the intensity you feel? Will being completely honest for my own relief, change the relationship we currently have? Yes... sometimes it's better to savour a feeling quietly and wait for the moment you feel perhaps they are ready to receive the news. Because - - sometimes sharing changes everything..... The best place to tell someone you really care is when they are looking at you and into the mood for talking! Definitely NOT during a movie, game, dinner with people etc... If you talk a lot and listen to each other a lot then you will have opportunities for this kind of exchange. Gifts are always fun, 
they show a person you are considerate and loving and giving. The gift can be as simple as a smooth rock you found. A note with a lucky wish for that person, a cookie you made. They don't have to be elaborate. Those are little reminders of you later. Don't worry if it doesn't work out. We fall in love more than once in life.... AND we can even love more than one person at a time.. Best of LLOVE to you in 2012! 

~~~ i of sweet blogger comment from my talk~~ 
just too memories her(Matermystica-from U.S), i add on my blog...(4.january.2012)


  1. Nice post, You got talent keep on blogging.
    But let me tell you something If you don't mind.
    You know its twenty first century, Get rid of this love. The love is only in books and movies. Try something new and you will get more number of visitors for you site.
    Hope you don't mind.

  2. ok..thanks...umm actually i'm trying to write about health ...later i'll write about it..huhuhu thanks btw...

  3. I appreciate, but I didn't tell you to change your mind it was just my opinion.
    Thanks for accepting my idea,
    Don't take my advises I am a bit pathetic.
    Just kidding,

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  5. :D Found your blog through bloggers. Good luck in blogging babe.